Languishing Pain

A birth of a new experience thrills the soul.  But what happens when there is a sudden twist of events?

I am but a woman.

A woman with dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

A woman with pride and convictions.

A woman full of hope, life and energy.

A woman with emotions and is bold about them.

A woman with ideas and is vocal about them.

A woman who takes a stand for what she believes in.

A woman who is courageous to take on whatever life has to offer.

A woman who keeps going even when everything around is failing.

A woman who is strong as the storm yet gentle as the breeze.

A woman who accepts great opportunities in life.

A woman who fights for her rights and freedom.

I am many things as a woman.

Most of all, I am someone whom God wants to be.

But what happened to me?

Why did I pass up a rare opportunity to work in a place I’ve been wanting so badly?


Tonight, I’ve realized that I am an accountable person.

I am accountable to persons other than myself and my family.

With the decision I’ve made, I believe it was the profound thing to do.

So help me God.


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