Unlikable Me

If people were to be categorized in two main categories:  THE LIKABLE and THE UNLIKABLE, I think I will fall into the UNLIKABLE group.

I used to be a very likable person when I was younger however when as I got older I metamorphosized into the passive-not-mindful-of-what-other-people-think-about-me individual.  I stopped pleasing people.  I grew tired of it.  I remember the olden days when my parents would push me to study this and that,  stay at home and rarely play with friends.  If I am not mistaken, I only had the chance of playing with them during church time.  Most of the time, I and my siblings were kept inside the house–studying.   Honestly, I regret not having a childhood boyfriend or even in highschool.  It should have been fun.  Gggrrr..

Anyways, going back to the point of this blog, what I am trying to say is that: I DON’T CARE OF WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME.  It’s either they like me, accept me for who and what I am or not like me at all.  I won’t bother myself pleasing people.  It’s just tiring.  Besides, I don’t need to prove people of what I am capable or not doing.  What matters most is I please my God.  He’s the only one I need to please.  My family likes and supports me so I don’t have any problem with them but to those who are not then just go and get a life!^**^Because at the end of the day, God will judge us basing on what we’ve done here on earth.  So please…don’t judge me with your own standards because there is only one standard that I should be judged and that is God’s.


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