A New Blog at Last!

April 22, 2007

Due to persistent demand, sneaky’s posting a new blog once again for all the avid readers who have been desperately waiting to hear what happened to her in the last 33 days of her life.  (Based on the last blog posted ***[wink])

Oh well, here we go.  March 2007 was a crucial month of my life.  It was the time where I crammed so hard just to finish my thesis and graduate from my master’s degree.  I was not an effecient employee because of the many commitments I was into.  Evidently, the Lord has repayed all my efforts and He let me graduate on April 1, 2007.  That graduation was one-of-a-kind.  It was like I only played that day.  When we were asked to do this or do that, we just obeyed the officers or coordinators.  This was totally different from the one I had in college.  I still can vividly recall my college graduation, the graduating were already on the assembly area on the Consecration night while the presidents of the academy and college graduating class were still on Engr. Jenehlo’s car in Naga City buying candles.  Yes, buying candles after sunset because the officers in charge forgot to buy.  It was a real adventure.  Upon arriving at the campus, we hurriedly changed our clothes, put on our perfumes, wore our sandals and combed our hairs on the pathway.  Finally, we made it.  Thanks to our dear classmates who waited for us to arrive before the processional started.  Well, we were just about 15 minutes late.  Hehe.  What I’m trying to point out here is that when I was in college I was soooo “ngarag” preparing everything for graduation but on my masteral graduation..wow! I was soooo “ngarag” trying to beat the deadline..hehe..no more no less…Anyways, graduation effect is over and now I am faced with a great dilemma.  Can you guess what it is? Hehe.

Yes, I am done with my MA education and I don’t have plans to pursue my doctoral.  Maybe few years later.  I still have my responsibility over my family.  Well, they are not obliging me to do this or to do that but as a “trying to be a good daughter” I need to do some special things for them. Hehe.  Yeah, I’m trying to be a good one–enough about myself.

Currently, I am still teaching at MAMC-SMA by God’s grace.  I’m trying to be a responsible professor now.  Hehe.  No more lates or absents..Hehe.  I am enjoying my classes because I have only few students.  It’s just kinda tiring and expensive to travel everyday back and forth (AUP-SMA-AUP).  People ask me why I am doing this which in fact there are rooms available for rent near SMA but I have only one answer to that: I AM HAPPY WITH MY HOUSEMATES AT APT. D-16c.

Life is about choices.  This is my choice.  My choice is to be happy.  Everything in this world is temporary.  Sooner they will fade but the friendship and love shared with people important in our hearts will never fade.  It will remain forever in our hearts.

God bless!


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