I don’t know what is happening to me lately.  Everyday I woke up tired and lazy.  Is this just a part of my pms? I don’t know.  It seems that I only have the energy and the enthusiasm to do what needs to be done when the sun sets.  I have been counting days and staring blankly on my personalized calendar for few days now.  Because I have a lot of things to do —this motivates me to keep on watching tv, swimming, washing my clothes and eating a lot instead.  Weird, right? I am really weird.  And not only that, I have been feeling lonely and gloomy.  Yeah, I have my friends who cheers me up day by day but I still feel bad.  What should I do? I don’t think this is the real me.  I am a joyous and noisy individual.  I do things responsibly.  But now…things are different and I am being different too! Oh! please help me…I want to be what I am before..(including my figure).  If before others notice me for my beautiful pimples now they notice me for my sexyness.  Maybe I was less stressed when I was in college that’s why I was thin.  Now, though I am working and studying at the same time…I’m getting bigger day by day.  I could still remember what Pastor Durante lectured on keeping your memory active…He said overeating affects the function of our brain.  That’s why we can notice that it’s easier to think when we’re hungry than when we are very full.  I guess this one thing that affects my thinking too.  My stomach is always full.  I don’t give it the chance to feel hunger.  At the first sign (?) of hunger I quickly open the fridge and grab something to eat or when I’m at work or class I run quickly to the kubo or store to feed my hunger…My old friends and acquaintances back at Naga View Adventist College couldn’t help but react negatively every time they would see me…How I wish they would have warned before when I was yet slim…Huhuhu.  Lesson learned: If there’s something you would like to express positively to someone DO IT NOW before IT’S TOO LATE.  (anong konek? hehehe..basta konek nyo nalang…) God bless..till next time..gawa muna ako requirements ko..


Posted on on August 20th, 2006


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