when you’re sleepy

i am here sitting in front of a computer thinking of what to do..i’ve been here for almost four hours now and still i haven’t made any progress with my thesis..how can i be so lazy? i have been wasting my time..i know there is something i was not able to do today that should have done first and foremost..i admit i was wrong with it…i should have done it before doing anything else..well, what else can i do but regret for the precious moments i’ve let go…

it’s the 22nd of February and still i am not yet done with my transciption..perhaps i got to do them before it’s too late..

but i am so sleepy now..i got to see my dentist before i go home and take a nap…another thing, i haven’t eaten my lunch yet..oh poor lady! i should not procrastinate..when i get home i’ll be tempted to watch movies..yet it’s plural because i got lots of movies to watch stored on one of my drawers..

last night, accidentally i was able to watch erin brokovich..super ganda! i just loved it! if you haven’t watched it well you better go and get a copy and enjoy the beautiful in big mouth none other than julia roberts..it well motivate you to be the best in everything you do despite of ugly circumstances..

as i was saying, i am really sleepy now i got to go..thanks friendster for serving as my journal when i am tooooo lazy to write with my pen and paper..

adios! hasta la vista..baby!

God bless!

Posted on on February 21st, 2007


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