Busy as a Bee

January 25th, 2007

What makes life busy? If we work, then we’re busy but if we don’t then we’re lazy.

According to the Bible, we cannot serve two masters in one time and I agree with it 101% but does not follow it.  Currently, I am serving three masters:

1. teaching

2. research work

3. thesis-writing

Like the rest of the people in this world, I too, have 24 hours a day to spend.  With everything I am engaged in, I don’t have time anymore for love. Just kidding.  Seriously, everyday is a tiresome day for me.  Checking outlines, notes, references of my students, summarizing theses, encoding figures in SPSS and thinking of my own thesis.  Yes, thinking.  Why? Because I don’t have time to research on my topic.  Why? Because I don’t have internet connection in my apartment anymore? Why? Because of the school’s __________.  I don’t know.  Before, I thought I can still work on my thesis at night because of the access to different sites but now not anymore.  I am really cramming.  I am trying my best to be the best in everything but it seems that it is impossible for me.  It’s already the 26th of January and I barely have a month left to finish my thesis.  I got a lot of deadlines to meet.  I just hope and pray that I can make this through.  Everyone is invited to my graduation celebration if I can GRADUATE THIS APRIL 1.  Please pray that my health won’t fail me.  Thanks a lot and God bless you all!



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