First Time in Bangkok

June 14

I flew to Thailand boarding Philippine Airlines at 10AM.  I was hypnotized by the beauty of their airport. It was really beautiful like a mall. Hehe.  I was scared that no one will pick me up from the airport.  When I was falling in line on the Immigration that I realized I need someone to pick me up in the non-English speaking country.  I walked around the airport pushing a cart full of my heavy luggage looking for a place to stay through the announcements held by hotel personnels.  I had already in mind what hotel to check in but I was still uncertain of it.  I went out of the airport and tried to gather my strength to ride a taxi.  But my trial was in vain.  I got inside the airport again and hoped to see someone I know.  I left my luggage on a side to test how honest Thai people are.  I walked, walked and walked and guess what? I thought I saw someone familiar. Unfortunately, when I opened my eyes…I realized I was only dreaming.  (False alarm..hehe) However, I kept walking and walking and walking.  Suddenly, someone familiar stood in front of my face–smiling widely.  I don’t know if I will be angry or what.  I felt relieved at last.

We rode on a taxi and was overwhelmed by the huge buildings, beautiful billboards and long bridges.  Lush talked to the driver with his broken English spiced with Thai language.  They had fun.  Somehow, the taxi driver enjoyed conversing with him.  At last, we arrived at D&D apartment. We rested for a while.  Then we checked the map for the location of Korean Embassy.  Unfortunately, it was not there.  So, we called a friend to help us locate the said embassy.  We went to a nearby internet cafe to check my mail and the location as well.  Gladly, we saw the address. (Thanks to We called on the phone number printed but someone who I guess was not in the mood told me that I can’t apply for a visa to Korea because I am not a Thai national or as a Filipino I need a residence certificate from the Filipino Embassy but to be able to get it I still need to have a working permit.  My soul shrinked for a while.  I was so sad upon the news. I did not want to go back to the Philippines and apply for my visa there..and WAIT.  Hehe. (Impatient!) I called up my contact in Korea and told her about the situation.  I prayed earnestly to God to help me out with my problem.  I emailed those who were concern about my trip and sought advice from them.

After all the emailing and calling job was done, we looked for a hotel I can stay in.  We went to Nasa Vegas hotel and I liked it. However, I wanted to see and inquire other hotels sooo…we continued the search. Lush saw a huge building, thinking that it was a hotel, he made an inquiry about it.  Hehe.  Instead of finding a hotel, he found a pretty Thai girl.  She helped us find a hotel which was near her place.  She was very accommodating.  Unluckily, I did not like the place she referred to us.  Oopppss..I forgot to mention…I saw a cheap yet formal dress hanging on a store near the cost only 130 baht..hehe..I bought it.  My feet were already tired walking and walking so I decided to eat at KFC.  When we enter the mall, I realized that there was no KFC inside instead there was McDo.  We ordered fries, ice cream and juice.  Oooppss..there were cheap stores near the mall and lush bought a red blouse for me. Hehe.  Thanks.  We were both tired so we decided to go home.  We arrived at Allenette’s apartment at 9pm.  I thought my day was over finally but they invited me to eat pizza.  So, we went out again and bought pizza.  The pizza was cheap.  Hehe. Buy one take one effect only 199 baht.  But it was delicious. After getting stuffed..we all fell asleep.

Good night!

P.S.  Taxi fare in Thailand is cheap..only 35 baht first few meters.

Posted on June 27th, 2007


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