Sick on the last day of the semester

I had my alarm set at 7.25am for today.  Work starts at 8.30 so I figured I could probably move fast, get ready for work then be at school few minutes before my first class starts.   This was the plan.  However, something different happened.  I heard my alarm but I ignored it.  I just pressed the stop button and dozed back to sleep.  The next thing I knew, I woke up staring at the clock worriedly.  It’s 8.05.  Shoot! I sent a quick prayer to heaven.  I read a verse from the Bible and got ready for work.  I was out of the house by 8.19.  The school is just 3-5 minutes walk away from my house.   When I was out on the road I saw a dear colleague walking just in front of me.  That was reassuring! It’s always nice seeing someone late like me.^^I used the short cut to save time but when I got to the door I always use in coming in and out of the school, guess what? It was close. I was disappointed.  I tried the new doors, they were close.  Gosh! Couldn’t this just get any better? Left with no choice I used the other.  Of course, it was open.  I greeted the students I saw at the hallway then went directly to our office.  I sat for a while then I heard the bell rang.  Shooot! Got a class.  I got my stuff from my desk and start pacing to the door when I suddenly felt dizzy.  My heart was still palpitating fast.  I was cold inside.  My stomach hurts.  My eyes got blurry.  I felt like fainting but I tried to be strong.  The people who saw me asked if I was OK.  I just smiled.  I couldn’t form a word to answer them.  When I got to the classroom, my students weren’t there yet.  I was feeling worse than ever.  I tried to control myself from falling.  I wrote something on the board for the students to do then we had our prayer.  After the greetings, I felt my body become weaker and weaker.  So I paused for a while.  I tried to sit but I couldn’t.  I started to panic.  Then and there, I decided to take some few steps to our office.  I met our school principal.  She asked me again about my current state.  I explained everything.  I met another colleague.  She was trying to talk to me about something but I couldn’t pick up what she was saying.   The thought of fainting was scaring me so I asked her to help me go to the Vice Principal’s Office.  He knew what happened to me last year–the same thing so it was easier to explain.  He asked another colleague, one of my closest colleagues here at school, to assist  me.  She came.  She asked a few questions and  advised that I should be brought to the hospital.  I went to Dr Ahn’s Internal Medicine Clinic.  It’s a clinic owned by some students at school.  I had an X-ray and EKG tests.  The results showed that my lungs and heart are fine.  He even said something like “There are times that the doctors aren’t happy but the patients are”.  It was his way of comforting me. LOL. Gosh! He even mentioned that now he knows that I’m not pregnant.  Excuse me? How can I be when in fact I haven’t slept with anyone yet since the day I was born.  He has his humor.  It was fun.  While he was doing his medical work, he chitchatted with me about his family trip to Cebu this Chinese New Year and how his only daughter wished that Korea should only have one season like PI.  Haha. I told him he’s got a really intelligent kid, so full of ideas, who can either be a lawyer or a diplomat.  He expressed his views about those jobs.  I sensed that he doesn’t like both jobs I mentioned.  Hehe.  I was given some medicine to take for 3 days then after that I will go back to the hospital for some follow up check-ups.  I felt my stomach hurt when I got out of his place.  It was a different kind of pain.  I then asked Mr Son who accompanied if we could buy some bread.  Unfortunately, the bake shops were still close.  Shouldn’t they be open? It’s like people eat bread in the morning, right? Anyways, he suggested that I should just endure and wait till we get back to our town.  I endured patiently.  After fifteen minutes, I bought my favorite bread.  After eating, I still felt sick.  It’s been hours since the incident this morning but I am still feeling sick.  I don’t know what to do now.  A friend is coming at my place tonight for a couple of weeks and I don’t know how to entertain her with this state that I am in.  Poor me.  Oh! I only had one class today–ASP.  I was exempted from teaching this morning.  I felt bad though because I thought I’ll have special classes today as today’s the last day of work.  I was even supposed to have some party with my Bible class with Grade 2 and Pancake Party with my ASP 2.  But there was nothing I could do.  Therefore, I ended up with Board Games Party instead.

My head still hurts.  My stomach hurts.  I need to go home and rest.:-(

Please heal me God.


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