Happy Birthday, bro!

Today is the 17th of August 2006. 

I woke up late with a heavy head.  I felt like sleeping the whole day.  This unbearable pain began yesterday in my Christian Ethics class.  I could not afford to keep seated for few minutes. I got to stand and walk and sit over and over again. 

Today was my day off so it’s OK for me to stay longer in bed.  However, the thoughts of my requirements kept running around my mind.  I needed to finish them all before the big day of my life. LOL.  After reading few chapters in Deuteronomy early today I got on my knees prayed for God’s guidance and protection for the day then went out of my room to check for something to eat.  I was very lucky to find bananas and some jelly! It was my breakfast.  I ate, ate, and ate. Just then…I saw a cockroach touring around the kitchen.  Oh, how I hate cockroaches! I tried to kill it with some bleach but to no avail.  Suddenly, I saw another cockroach. I tried the bleach formula again and sooner than expected the entire kitchen was already filled with bleach.  I hate it’s smell but I had to use it.  I can’t kill those cockroaches with my bare hands. Finally, I gave up.  They hid somewhere that I was not able to follow them. Hehehe.  My housemate, Merbs, emerged from her room and asked if I washed my clothes because of the foul smell.  I just smiled and ate again. Then we talked for a while about the passage Dr. Miriam Tumangday loved. We checked it out from the Spirit of Prophecy books and there it was in the Desire of Ages p. 755. I promised myself I will memorize it too because it helps me ponder on Christ’s death on the cross.

I took a bath for few minutes and dressed up. I didn’t want to leave Merbs alone in the house but there were things I needed to do in the office.  While going down the stairs, I saw Kuya Dan (he’s got a motorcycle). Guess what happened? He volunteered to drive me to the office. I arrived at the Graduate School at exactly 11a.m.!

It’s my brother’s birthday! Best wishes, bro! God bless and I love you much-y!


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