Life at Large^^

Before I take my rest at night,  I always wonder if I will be able to see the sun, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful nature around me after my long sleep. But the Lord has been very good to me.  For almost twenty-two years of my life He never failed me.  Every day He woke me up with new life, new hope and new perspective in life.  Actually, I am nocturnal.  I prefer the night very much.  I can easily do household chores, write my homework, understand what I’m reading when it’s night.  I love staring at the black night sky- the stars twinkling brightly on the earth, the moon revolving around the sun and the different shapes of the clouds.  They all fascinate me.  But now, as I grow older…I become more appreciative of the morning- not because of the sun shining on the flowers and trees and clothes but because of the positive outlook it influences me.  Literally it does not influence me yet symbolically it does.  After all the heartaches and pains brought by the past day,  we are awakened daily with a new hope.  Yes, we cannot control time and everything that is happening to us but we can do something to change our life.  Yes, we may have fallen into an endless pit but I guess we did not stay there and wait for our death.  We all thought of doing something how we can get out of it. This is life.  Many times, we feel sorry for ourselves..insecure…worried…unsatisfied with life.  I cannot blame anyone if they feel this way for once in my life I suffered from all these.  Nevertheless, I praise my God for bringing me back into my senses. He used a lot of people to help me appreciate more of life.  There are a lot of significant others in my life to whom I am thankful of.  I may not be able to mention there names here however I know that I have told them already how deep my gratitude for them is.  Now, that I am old…it is my motto to always appreciate other people…encourage other people…and love other people…WITHOUT expecting anything in return.  I have been blessed with so much. I guess it’s high-time to share it with others.

In conclusion, people change but the influence they did to others will always stay.  We may have sinned but the Bible says, “He is willing and just to forgive us our sins.”  It is the work of Satan to let us always feel guilty, filthy and helpless.  But the Lord did not want us to suffer that’s why He sent Jesus Christ who overcame the prince of darkness and gave us HOPE…Keep up the faith and do His will.

Posted on on September 12th, 2006


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