I am not a slave of television. I know..but there are some tv shows that I don’t want to be absent. Honestly speaking, just like I LUV NEW YORK and SECRET GARDEN.  I really love watching those shows. I LUV NEW YORK because I admire Albert’s character. He is just so sweet, charming, and responsible in my eyes.  (Shocks, Shie, sobra na yan!) I like the way he treats Apolinaria Balunbalunan.  SECRET GARDEN…because Jason is so in love with Jasmine.  He did everything for her to know and feel his deep love towards her.  He protected her like she was a child.  Even to the point of his death he still showed his love for her.  It was a lesson for Jasmine and for everyone of us. Let us let our love ones feel that we love and care for them while there is still time for time will come that we cannot show our affection for them anymore. Share your love before it’s TOO LATE!


Posted on on August 14th, 2006



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