The Lazy Me

Few days from now I’ll be leaving my dear Philippines for a missionary work. It seemed everyday is a countdown for me. There are a lot of things I needed to finish like my thesis, requirements in Christian Ethics and in Faith, Values and Learning.  I’m not sure if I can finish them all.  Everyday I am in a hurry to work and do my requirements.  Yes, I can do some but not all.  I am just really scared that when the day comes for me to leave things are not yet done.  Huhuhu.  I know it is just a matter of time management. I still have to look for a theory that will fit my study so I can have my proposal defense this week. Huhuhu! I think I need to be more serious this time. Tomorrow, I’ll submit my research paper in Faith, Values and Learning and at the same time present it in class. Oh no!

Yesterday,  I woke up thinking of doing my requirements after swimming but I went home tired so I slept for a while but my “a while” lasted for 2 hours then I took bath and slept again..The whole day I was tired and lazy…It was only in the evening that I managed to walk going to my adviser’s house for consultation…HaY naKU sHIE!


Posted on on August 14th, 2006


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