What if…?

Hi! My things were left inside the Statistics Office…I just went to the Graduate Internet Lab to check if my friends were going to the “kubo” for lunch.  My inquiry turned into a conversation that lasted for an hour…My supervisors were in the office when I left.  Suddenly, I heard a door close and I remember my things inside…”What if they locked the door?” was my sudden thought..”Oh, they won’t lock it because they knew my things were there” I said to myself.  I just continued chatting with my friends and browsing the net…I remembered it’s my paper presentation this afternoon..I haven’t prepared my powerpoint…I got up from where I was seated and hurriedly went to check the office.  Cold blood were raising through my veins as I take hold of the knob.  Shocks! It’s LOCKED! “What will I do now? My class will be on 5pm today with Dr. Andoy! The custodian of the school doesn’t have the duplicate!”  I cannot destroy the door because it would be a violation…I called the guard in charge of the main gate and they said my supervisors passed about fifteen minutes ago…Left with no choice..I checked the other computer I used to summarize my paper hoping a miracle to happen..But then the file wasn’t there because I saved it on my flash disk..Huhuhu! It’s 4:39pm now and they haven’t come back…What will I tell my professor? I’m the 3rd presentor..Anyway, I know what I’m going to say..I just have to tell the truth and accept the consequence..It was an accident..Maybe my supervisors thought I have the key with me..It was for safety sake…It’s OK…I know my professor will understand..hope he will…But my problem is..WHAT IF THEY DON’T COME BACK SOON?  I just hope and pray that they will be back soon so that I could get my things after my class..anyway, it’s until 8pm tonight..


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