I love this week!

I love this week!

On Monday, I was super excited to see the students back especially my Conversation 1 class.

On Tuesday, I started writing captions for my winter camp students’ albums.  There were around 40 photos and I had 9 students.  So, I’ll just let you do the math.  Hehe. I finished the captions only last night.  I had to find some books for the coming semester and check teaching schedule.  I had to write important emails, too.  Oh yesterday, a student hugged me and shouted “I LOVE YOU TEACHER SHIELA”.  The rest of the students cheered.  It was great hearing the students shouting and clapping, “TEACHER SHIELA, TEACHER SHIELA” continuously as if I were a politician. 🙂 I guess that’s what happen if you do something special for them once in a while.^_^

Today, we had graduation ceremony.  Gosh! Tears welled through my cheeks the moment the program started.  It continued all throughout the program.  At the end of the ceremony I went and handed out presents to the students while at the same time hugging and congratulating them.  There were times that I wasn’t able to help myself but just cry and cry while hugging them.  The parents were around trying to take a picture of me and the students but I couldn’t find a way to compose myself.  Aaaa, terrible and embarrassing at the same time.  But the parents did still take photos! I will surely miss those students.  They were only in 3rd grade when I came here to this school.  Oh and one student wiped the tears on my cheeks and said, “Teacher, don’t cry.” Awwww…

Anyway, my house is back to normal again.  Now, my thoughts can freely move around.:-) For the first time in weeks, I cooked myself dinner. Wahaha! Very good Shiela!

Oh btw, my cello teacher is happy with my progress. Finally!^_^ She encouraged to practice.  I told her I am a busy woman.

Cello teacher: “Well, you got an excuse.  But even if you’re busy there’s still break time.”

Shiela: “Teacher, I watch Korean dramas. I like My Princess and Dream High.”

Cello teacher: (pointing to my homework) “This is Korean drama.  This is also fun!”

Shiela: “Ne songsaenim.” (left with nothing to say haha)

**But how can she say that my homework is Korean drama too? I actually stopped bowing for a moment and thought about it.  It’s not the same! Few minutes after, I heard chuckle. Hahaha. Well, I guess I got to take this learning seriously.^_^ I can’t believe she was satisfied with my performance today.  Wow! Thanks God!

Hay, it’s so quiet here.  “But the precious love of Jesus is something that just won’t die.” (that’s what’s playing on my iTunes) I better go and get ready for bed, gotta wake up early for Seocheon. Happy Sabbath!


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