Ate Celle? Heaven’s gatekeeper?

Kamsahamnida, chinggu!

Alright, I’ve been thinking about this for days now I just can’t get this off my mind.

About two nights ago, I slept at the other missionaries’ house. I am still on vacation so I figured out it would be nice if I would spend time with them because when the classes resume then we won’t be seeing each other again though our schools are just few meters away from each other. Tons of work keeps us away, unfortunately. So, prior to going to the bed, I sipped a little water. It was already past 1am. We were supposed to sleep early because we planned to go to Seoul the following day. I read my Bible, prayed and laid my back on the bed. Just as I was sleeping, a dream came to me.


I was terribly thirsty and there was no water, juice, milk, etc available to drink. I was so desperate that I asked the people around me. They said they don’t have any. I touched my throat and I felt that it was too dry already. I prayed. I begged. I cried. But to no avail. Just then, three beautiful ladies of my age came to me and give me a bottle of “juice” to drink. I happily accepted the offer. As I was opening the lid of the bottle, a little of voice inside me warned me not to drink it. However, because I was terribly thirsty, I ignored the warning. I placed the tip of the bottle on my lips and starting sipping its content. Just as the juice reached my throat I suddenly felt like I was burning inside. It was unexplainable. I cried in pain while the ladies who gave the juice laughed at me. I then realized that the juice had poison in it. Memories of my short life on earth started to flash back at me like a presentation of my life was long prepared. I struggled to be strong to survive. “I want to live longer, Lord” such was my plea. I felt like my life finally has started to fade, slowly yet painfully, I was in tears. At that point in time, I was worried that I will not see Jesus descend from heaven. I was worried that I will not make it to heaven. In few moments, I was brought to a certain place where there was only one person that I can see. It was Ate Celle. She told me, “Im sorry but congratulations! You’re going to heaven!” I was happy yet at the same time sad. I told her that I want to live longer on earth. She just smiled.


With a very dry throat, gasping for breath, I woke up. Thanks be to God that it was only a dream. When I looked up at the clock it was only few minutes before 2am.

I want to live longer. I want to see my Saviour descend from His heavenly throne and bring the new earth down here. There are still lots of things I want to do. Besides, I still got no family of my own yet.:-) Seriously, I think I am still too young to say bbye to this world. I am happy though that in my dreams I was going to heaven.

Ooopppss! When did Ate Celle start to be the heaven’s gatekeeper?:-)


Posted on August 21st, 2008


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