“Hopefully this time, I’d be careful.”

I woke up at quarter to eight today.  I’ve slept very late for two consecutive nights.  It’s like killing myself softly.  I wanted to get up from bed but my body did not obey.  Work starts at 8.30am–with or without a first period class.  Yet I just lied in bed trying to freeze time so I can sleep more.   Finally, at exactly 8 I kneeled in prayer to my God for giving me another day to live.  Do you know what time did I arrive at school? 8:37am.  I was late for 7 minutes.

After reading my devotional book, I checked my favorite website if there’s something knew.  Surprisingly there was.  It was something I did not really see coming.  Suddenly, I felt I was at a loss…I did not thought it would happen.  My innocence and pure trust on people blinded me from the reality that sometimes things happen beyond our imagination.  I am hurt.  I feel bad.  But I got to accept it and go on.  Hopefully this time, I’d be careful.

Posted on  September 23rd, 2008


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