Comfort zone. Deciding to be a missionary I know I will leave my comfort zone and go where God wants me to go.  I am blessed to be here in Korea.  I live in a nice family apartment with friends.  It is so spacious for the three of us.  It is very cozy.  It’s HOME for me.  But then an unexpected and shocking news came the other day.  The school said that the owner of this unit where we are living is selling this soon.  Therefore we need to evacuate and move to another apartment.  The school planned to bring us to the apartment near the mountains which is about 20 minutes bus ride away from here.  They want us to live in single apartment (Hongseong).  What just bothers me here is the timing of events.  The owner of this unit selling it soon, a teacher from that single apartment is moving here in Gwangcheon then us going to Hongseong. What is going on? I don’t want to be stubborn but I don’t really want to go to that Eden House in Hongseong.  Another missionary currently lives there and we know his difficulties.  The school said they are after our comforts and happiness, but why are they this to us?  There is that certain house we have found.  It is just here in Gwangcheon.  It’s good.  It’s beautiful.  But then the school said that it is not safe.  Intruders might come and take our important things.  I don’t know.  I am really going nuts.  Why can’t we just disagree with the school’s plan? I have been praying about this–night and day–and I believe that God will help us through this.  He knows best.  We have three days holiday since it is Lunar New Year.  No business transactions here in Korea. So, we are going to go and hunt for apartment or villas just here in Gwangcheon.  I can’t be a collateral.  My friends can’t be collateral.  If there is something really going on they must tell us.  We may be missionaries but we desire comforts too while serving and living in another country. It’s not the age.  They say we are still young so we can afford to suffer the difficulties living in Eden house.  I say there should be impartiality in anything and everything.

Posted on February 5th, 2008


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