Moving in and out..hahaha!

Well, it’s already 5.14 in the afternoon and no one has commented anything about the way I look today.  Great? Unusual? Haha.

Today, I decided to move to another apartment which means paying all the bills.  Did I say pay all the bills? Yes, you heard it right! Then that means cutting down my shopping expenses.  Oh wait? What do I shop a lot?  Uhmm..I confess I’ve been buying much stuff lately but only because it’s the end of summer and I need to buy “pasalubong” to my family when I get home on December.  I can’t buy winter stuff for them, ayt? That’s why.  However, on regular days, it’s food that I always buy.  Hehe.  I buy a lot of food for myself.  When I’m sad, I turn to food.  When there’s something to celebrate, I turn to food.  Food has always been my “listener, comforter, friend” (hahaha) since I moved out of the big apartment with my friends (school’s will though).  Hey! Did I mention something about moving out? Uhmm..I think I did.  Oh well, yeah, I’ll be moving to another apartment just as I mentioned earlier.  The apartment is near the school and the church.  In that case, I don’t have to wake up early to rush to school with the fear of being left by the car or the bus.  It also means that I can attend church on Tuesdays andFridays.  Does that sound great? Yes, it does.  I’ve been very slack with my faith lately.  I always point out my living far as my main reason of not attending those services.   I know the services are in Korean but still the fellowship that I get from my believers is something that also strengthens my faith.  So, yes, I’ll be moving this Sunday (perhaps).  I hope I can survive.  I WILL SURVIVE! In this way, I hope I can have more time in reading books, practicing musical instruments, solving puzzles, scrapbooking, cross-stitching and even writing.  I’ve been hooked to the internet for like 24 hours a day.  I need a break.  I need a change of lifestyle.  Besides, I don’t have a boyfriend to keep communicating with online, right? (If he is overseas…:-) Hehe.  Well, I just hope and pray that everything will be fine.  I hope I will be comfortable this time.  My friend just told me earlier on the phone that if I live comfortably then I can think peacefully and I can work more effectively.  I think she’s right.  Therefore, even if it means more expenses as long as I can be comfortable and happy then GO! So, help me God.

P.S.  Money come and go.  Money is not everything.  Life is about happiness and comfort, right? And of course, L-O-V-E! (**BIG GRIN**)

Posted on August 28th, 2008


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