Three and twenty-years of age

Sipping a cup of hot choco on this windy morning while looking intently on the face in the mirror makes me realize how beautiful the Lord has been to me throughout these years.

I am now three and twenty-years of age.  I have accomplished something in my life that I am proud of.  (Proud not in a negative way.  I’m not boastful and I don’t think there is something that I can boast about.)

Looking back through the years, it dawned on me that I haven’t really spent much time with my family.  I think I have made most of my decisions alone.  I am just happy that my family is supportive with all my undertakings.  But of course, there are some instances that I consider on their approval no matter how far we are from each other.  Care to know some? Well, some stuffs has to do with relationships or education.    During my academy years, never was I allowed to spend a week-end or even a night in my friends’ house.  I remember also the times that they won’t allow me to march with some boys during social nights.  They didn’t allow me also to date some fellas.  It was like everything was NOT ALLOWED.  Thus, I resorted on cross-stitching and reading books.  (Honestly, I envy others who have puppy loves.  I never had them. GGrrr..) When I was in college, there was this gentleman that I really like but my mom disapproves him.   After college, I wanted to enter a Law School but my family thought I would die early if I’ll be a lawyer.  Funny thoughts, huh?  As a dutiful daughter, I obeyed them.

See…If I entered a Law School I shouldn’t have been in the Graduate School.  And if I did not go to the Graduate School then I shouldn’t have received a degree in MAEd English.  Then without the degree, I shouldn’t be here in Korea teaching lovely students.   Considering also the people I met throughout those years.  I don’t think I would have met them hadn’t I took this path I am at right now.^^  It always pays to obey them.

Yes, I am now three and twenty-years of age.   And I can’t deny how my family has played a vital role in my life.  Actually, I have a crazy family.  We are not like the tight ones.  We are not sweet.  We are not expressive.  We’re more of friends.  We’re not always together.  We live our own lives.  But we don’t neglect the duties we have for each other.  In a silent way,  we of course love each other.

There was a time that I called my aunt.  (She’s like a mom to me.  She taught me a lot since my crying and crawling years.  We’re soooooo close.  She has strong hands.  She would spank painfully for not doing my homeworks right after arriving home from school or getting one or two mistakes from my tests.  Huhuhu.  I didn’t like the touch of her fingers on my hair because they were just so painful.  Hehe. ) Guess what she told me?  Well, she said, “Shiela, you are done with your education.  You’re working now.  You can get married with _________.” Hahaha.  I burst into laughter.  (Considering that I broke up with my ex.  I guess I forgot to tell her about it.)  The main point is…I am now three and twenty-years of age and my family encourages me to settle down.  My aunt hasn’t settled down yet and I told her that I guess I am going to take her steps, too.  Or I will settle down once she has settled already.  Seniority first, you know.  Hehe.  Did she agree? Of course not! She does not want me to.  She loves me so much that she wants me to get married and have a family of my own.  So sweet of her, right?

Well, I’ll be twenty and four in few months.  I’m getting old and hopefully matured (as I am childish most of the time:-)).  I can’t see myself walking down the aisle yet.  I am in no hurry to do so.  I have trusted God in all my life and in this case, I’ll trust Him too.  I know He has created someone who has a missing rib–someone who needs my rib to complete him–just as the Lord has planned.  Isn’t that amazing?


Posted on May 20th, 2008


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