“You look sick”

Sleep early, Shiela >.<

My family and friends see me as someone who’s always full of life. At school I try to put on a serious face yet my smile always comes out. I don’t know why. Despite of the typical “teacher’s look” I wear every day, still my students and even colleagues see me as someone wacky and funny. That’s why whenever I am super quiet they would immediately ask me if there’s something wrong.

Early today after getting off from the car, I happened to walk with one of my brightest students. He asked me, “Teacher, are you sick?” I answered him “Why?” “Because you look sick.” I just smiled.

Huh? Ok. So, yesterday, I looked tired then today I looked sick. I guess my PMS is so intense that many are noticing my different aura. Besides, I haven’t been sleeping much lately which adds up to the fact why I’m like this. Therefore, I’d better go to bed now and be refreshed for the morrow.

God bless and good night!

Posted on August 26th, 2008


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