alligatoe, alligator?

Sept 3, 2007- around 3pm..i was busy preparing my lessons for tomorrow while my colleague was busy teaching..we were on the same classroom..at first, they were singing phonics song then they had spelling test on the board..girls vs boys..when it was almost time to go the teacher asked them to make a line in front of the door and she asked her to spell some words..(words that they have studied) and then there was this student who did not do well in my spelling test earlier that day..i think he does not like spelling..hehehe..the teacher asked him to spell ALLIGATOR..prior to his turn he asked me how that word is spelled..i coached him..then when it was his turn he was so confident..he then started A-L-L- (i said to myself i will really give this one a gift if he can give the correct spelling) I-G-A- (i was very nervous while he was spelling the word) T-O-E! Ha?!?! did i hear it right? E? not R? haaayyy..well, Koreans do not really pronounce R so maybe he thought it was alligatoe not alligator.:-)

Posted on September 3rd, 2007


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