Be Missing Tay and Selly

Late again? 🙂


I woke up early but I almost came to school late..hehe! Got busy wondering what clothes to wear..that’s why..I had three straight classes this morning and then two more classes in the after school class was about learning chinese words but i inserted grammar..hehe..has and have..after all the classes, i finished my two other exams..that is why…i was late for my violin lesson but thankfully i and mae were able to move to another piece..fruit of our vacation labor, you know..then we had teacher’s meeting as scheduled every grammar 1 back but after school 2 taken away..i will be missing Tay and Selly..which made me 23 hours a week still..i escaped the meeting and went to my middle school usual..David came early followed by mark then kevin..i  got only 3 students today out of 12..where are the others? i don’t know..hehe..all of them are from different schools around the place that is why it is hard to monitor their 5:35pm i joined the Traditional Drum was seemed like i was able to let go of my ill feelings and thoughts..poor drum..hahaha! i practiced violin after that class until 7.30pm then went to church..yes, church..midweek prayer meeting here is on Tuesday..grace translated for usual..i arrived home at 8.30pm..Korean church members were very kind to me to let me join them in the car and drove me home..and gave me plums..had my dinner at past 9..ironed my clothes..sing religious songs with mae..arranged my stuffs and slept at past 1am…leaving my friend online IMing me..bad..i just fell asleep..too tired!

Oooppss..I finished the book of Jeremiah today..Welcome Lamentations!

God bless!

Thanks God for the great day!

Posted on on October 3rd, 2007



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