Yesterday, we were invited by the youth of the church we love for a 2007 Farewell Party.  They said they were planning to go bowling.  Bowling? Did I hear it right? Honestly, I haven’t played that sport now that I am older.  I felt so excited.  The Sabbath day was a great day for me and I never thought that my Saturday night will be a great one too.  So, after the cooking activity with children at the youth center, we set off to Hongseong.  The ride was a quiet one because we haven’t established the rapport yet.  Finally, we arrived to the place.  “This is it!” I told myself.  We were still on our Sabbath attire.  We were given red bowling shoes.  It was no match with our formal attire but for a change of style it did match after all.  Of course what will you expect from me? I had my first few rounds ZERO.  The ball went to the canal. Hehe.  Then the most exciting part of my game was when I finally had the ball rolling at the center.  Then I hit all thepins down! It was a STRIKE! Wow! “Looks like I have a new sport to learn and enjoy here in Korea,” I talked to myself.  It was a nice experience.  In a short time I learned how to control the ball to hit some pins and if I can’t control it then…not hit…zero!

After the game, we ate at Mr. Pizza.  We enjoyed the vegetarian pizza and the different salads served.  Most of all, we enjoyed the picture taking everywhere..bowling center, mr pizza house, and inside the van..

The youth were so nice to us and we look forward to spending more time with them..

Thanks God for the great day!

Posted on on December 29th, 2007


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