Childhood Crush

Childhood crush, childhood memories…

as i am far away from the people who really knows me..the real me..i just find it hard to express feelings, my thoughts, my desires..everything..that is why i just resort to writing it anywhere…hehe..

lately, i have been feeling young and full of kilig..i have this crush when i was 12 years old..grabe! he was really my was like most of my friends we’re head over heels in love with him..ako..i admire him from a distance..he’s so sooooo..basta..ayon..there were times that i was “privileged” to play with him..children’s game..kilig naman ako nun..feeling 7th heaven..sarap nyang kausap..kahit simple lang..masaya na ko…haayyy..kinikilig ako pag naaalala ko yong mga panahon na yon..parang everything about him is so important to  me..paano kaya kung sya pala di ba? siguro, i will try my best to be a good wife..a good cook…smart mom..lahat na..just the thought of him makes me tickle..heheh!

la lang..nyt!

Posted on October 1st, 2007


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