moved on?

lately, i have been trying to believe that i have successfully moved on..but then this morning i woke up feeling awful for just dawned on my that my HOW-DARE-HE ex is haunting me even in my can he not let me go freely? why does he have to convince me and everyone that he still loves me when in fact he is with someone..on and is he playing with me? and if is..who has given him the right to do so? why can’t we just be happy living separate lives? why? why? honestly, every time his name crosses in my brain..i still feel you think being cheated is fun? or is cheating fun? i believe that when the time comes for people who are in a relationship feels that he or she does not love the other honest and tell him or her how you feel..he/she deserves to know the truth..other than being played and fooled around..

i have been fine the whole day..but hearing from a friend that the woman who stole my ex feels guilty and sorry for what she did..hahaha..i feel like she’s getting into my nerves..really..if she really feels this way..she’d better stop telling everyone about it..rather..digest what she said and think what does she wants to do with her life..

i am living a peaceful life in a far away is just my request that YOU (my ex and his on-and-off woman) to stop bugging me..i am done with you..leave me alone!

Posted on January 15th, 2008


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