Rice with Fish and Vegetable Toppings

Ever felt emaciated? Well, I did.

A Korean family (as usual) invited Fish and Joey to Seoul.  They went to an English Expo in a certain mall.  They were fascinated with the cheap English books around us that they lost track of time.   Then Fish felt her stomach grumbling.  She just disregarded the feeling because the Koreans they were with did not invite them to go out of the place yet.  So, they just roamed around and took pictures here and there.  Finally, the family informed them that they were leaving the place. Yehey! The Korean lady asked them if they were hungry.  Fish just smiled and mumble a word softly..s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g..but then the Korean lady turned to Fish and asked (with her digital dictionary) what she said. Of course she did not want to lie so she repeated the word she uttered earlier.  She did not know the spelling so she innocently asked Fish to type it for her.  Haha! Fish was caught offguard.  It did not occur to her that she would ask for the meaning of the word. Hehe. Anyways, they hurriedly searched for the food court.  When they got there, the Korean lady asked them to join her to the counter to order food.  Fish loves bibimpap (rice with veggies) so she ordered rice with fish and vegetable toppings. The food came 30 minutes after the order was made. Fish was so excited to eat.  She mixed her food.  Then she noticed that the fish was fresh.  She hasn’t eaten a fresh fish like the one served except for the so-called “kinalaw” in the Philippines.  However, it did not really come to her that it was fresh.  Not until it reached her mouth and she started chewing it.  “Ughhh..it’s fresh..Haha! This can’t be. I did not order for a sushi!” Fish said to herself.  The vegetables looked and  tasted like herbal plants..Though she did not like the food, still she consumed them all because she did not want to look indifferent to the family who invited her.  Thanks to Joey for being sssooo kind to share her food to Fish and to eat most of the fresh fish. Hehe. Anyways, Fish learned a very important lesson though from that experience..EAT MANY AT HOME! Hahaha!

Posted on on December 20th, 2007


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