Someone from High School

An old friend from one of the schools that is dear to my heart began corresponding with me for few weeks now. Honestly, we are not close friends. It was just in that school where we were before, everyone seemed to be your friend. As long as the person is not your enemy then that person is your friend. East Visayan Adventist Academy is the school I am talking about. Although I spent only two years of study in that school, I felt like it has a special place in my heart. Well, it really has. I certainly admired and appreciated the kind of environment it has. It’s not only beautiful but it is soooo beautiful –like you are so close to heaven. That school is like a big family–a real family. I can still vividly recall all the memories I had there. Sooooobrrraaanggggg dami! One is you have to wear skirts or pants on worships or at the caf. Gentlemen and ladies have to keep their distance–about few meters away from each other–while talking. nights? yeah, it was a trend there. It’s the only time that you can only hold hands with the one your heart pit-pats. Oh well, it is always nice to reminisce…

Let’s go back to this old friend I am talking about…Thanks to friendster…If not because of this site I won’t be able to get hold of the significant people in my life. Just imagine, if Friendster did not exist. Do you think we can communicate with our long lost friends? (Naks! Promotion eto!) Oh well, andami ng sidetrack ko. Alright, here we go…we communicated and then he asked me if we can meet. Shocks! Of all the things I am quite scared of is meeting people whom I haven’t seen for decades or more. I am afraid of what will be their first reaction when they see me again. Well, I have changed A LOT. I got bigger, taller and ..uglier. (huhuhu) I got these acne that is disturbing me a lot. Of all faces, why mine? (drama!) “It’s on the veins,” ika nga. It runs in my family and of the three children of my parents, I’m the super blessed to have these. When he asked me if we can meet, my heart pumped harder. “This can’t be,” I told myself. I can’t afford to go and present myself. “What will I say? What will I do? How will I behave,” those were the thoughts that played in my mind. Eventually, I decided to say YES. That day I was so nervous. I was not feeling well. (hehehe) Then, the most fearful text came to my mobile phone. Guess what was it? It was the message telling me that he’s already there in our meeting place. Hhuhuuhuhuhuhuuu! I did not know what to do. I gathered all my courage and decided to see him. I felt weak and clumsy while walking towards him. Then, I just told myself to relax and be myself. Guess what happened? I managed to talk to him, laugh with him and dine with him. It was such a great night! I had a super great time! It was as if we were really that close before. It’s really different when you share some common things in life. Anong common? Sympre studying in that superb academy…EAST VISAYAN ADVENTIST ACADEMY- we stand to honor thee… hehe.

Well, that is all I can share and the rest is already a secret. Bwahahahahahahah!

God bless!

Lesson learned: When unexpected things come your way, trust in the Lord. Just be yourself. Besides, there’s more to oneself than acne. Tama ba?

Posted on on February 5th, 2007


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