Winter Vacation 2008


Our winter vacation started last December 21st.   From then on, I have been staying at home most of the time watching One Tree Hill, different movies, fiddling, sleeping, eating, doing household chores except for week-ends where I go to church and go to the town to buy something.  Looking back to the hours I’ve wasted..I could not help but regret why I was so lazy to practice violin and cello especially cello.  I should have used those hours to practice and practice, right? Well, I can’t turn back time now.  Anyways, my E string has been “loosing” since vacation week 1 and it’s only now that I got the chalk to tighten the peg.  I think it is more challenging when I have more things to do.  I find it great to insert special time to practice and learn something new amidst my business.  Well, I have enjoyed my vacation even then.  Vacation is for sleeping and doing stuffs I can’t do when I have work.  Tomorrow, I got to report to school for the winter camp preparation.  I’m excited to wake up in the morning, think of something to wear, and go to school.  See ya then!

Posted on January 7th, 2008


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