You are so special to me

Wow! I can’t believe those words that have been emailed to me by a friend. He says I am special to him and he wants to find a way to stay in my life.  Shocks my hair! How could this be? I mean how could he consider me special to him? How could he ever wanted to stay in my life? My life? Yes, my topsy-turvy life.  Well, I would just accept him and welcome him into my life.  How can I resist someone like him? Tell me? Of course, you cannot because you don’t know him.  This is just a secret and only people who are dear to my heart knew him and the love story I share with him. Hehe.

Anyways, I am just so flattered for what he has said.  I have a high regard on this man.  It is indeed my prayer that he will continue to be a blessing to everyone that he will come in contact with.

His coming into my life is one of the best gifts the Lord gave me last year and I thank Him for continually blessing our friendship.

How about you there? How’s life? How’s love? How’s your heart? Well, take everything to God in prayer.

Posted on on February 17th, 2007 



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