What to do on a holiday like this?

I’ve been meaning to pour my thoughts here since the week started however for some reasons I’d end up snoring than writing.  I’ve been terribly busy this week that every single time my back hits the bed I’d be fast asleep.  Though last night was an exemption to that.  I couldn’t sleep.  I went to bed at around 10p.m. because I have to work the following day.  I tried all possible ways that could help me fall asleep but to no avail! I even tried putting on a baby’s lullaby (the tune I chose for my nursery students this summer) but it didn’t help either!


Anyway, it’s Friday morning here.  It’s a holiday but I have to go to work to collect my pay and do the following:

1. finish my bulletin boards (5 boards)

2. do my curriculum maps, student course outlines, and lesson plans (2 weeks)

3. finish cutting the Sabbath School groups labels

4. make some bookmarks of cards for Sabbath School early comers

5. make a PPT of tomorrow’s participants

6. prepare a Holy Scriptures themed puzzle

7. clean up the classroom

Then go get some plants from Big C or Ikea.

So many things to do but before I go out I will play my violin and cello first then clean this laptop as there are so many red ants playing on my keyboard.  God bless me! 🙂


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