Productive Sunday

I’m sleepy. It’s time to sleep but the lights are still on.:-( My sister is still busy walking around.

Anyway, I am so proud of myself for all my accomplishments today. What did I do? I woke up at 5a.m. as usual, had my morning devotional and exercise, ate breakfast, listened to religious music, watched Academy Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globes Awards winners for the past couple of years. Wow! I can’t believe how talented an actress Meryl Streep is! She has been nominated and won a lot of awards–17 AA nominations and 3 wins, 9 GG Awards, and BAFTA awards! Unbelievable! Now, I am intrigued to watch all her movies.:)

I was actually thinking of going to school today to prep for something special tomorrow but decided to go out with a colleague-friend instead. So, I hurriedly cleaned my place, did the dishes, and washed my clothes. However, something unexpected came up that I ended up entertaining a fruend fresh from the Phils. while folding my clothes and arranging my closet.

Few minutes before 5p.m. my sister arrived hungry from a visa run. The first phrase she said when she came in was,”Let’s eat at MK”. I quickly finished folding the clothes and sorting those that need to be ironed. We then went to MK, ate vegetarian dishes, and got some ice cream from DQ. I had chocolate brownie in cone. Yum! Then we went up to the grocery store and got some special stuffs for *someone* who just had *his/her* birthday.;) At around 8 tonight I was on my way home. I took a shower, had worship, and now laying in bed writing my journal entry through my phone.

Good night! I’m off to dreamland. TTYL. God bless!:)


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