Unexpected Four Hours

It’s a wonderful evening for me and my friends. Our very dear kitten is already sleeping! According to my sister, she’s more behaved today compared to the first few nights she’s been here. Sigh. I am loving her more and more. She’s so adorable that all I want to do is cuddle her. She’s so soft and warm that it just feels so good to rub her forehead or her stomach. Oh! I am so thankful that God sent her into our lives.Thank you, Lord!

Today was supposed to be an easy day for me however it turned to be a busy one. I had to proctor my class for their mock SAT test for hours then attend two meetings and finally teach two new kids for ASP.

I started watching a Korean drama called “To the Beautiful You”. It is cute.:)

Anyway, I’m off to bed now. Zia is sleeping like a baby. Well, who wouldn’t if you are warmly wrapped in a comforter!**Wink**

Good night and God bless!


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