Thoughts at 9.39P.M.


It’s pretty late and I should be in bed by now dreaming about someone sweeping me off my feet but because of my dear kitten’s crepuscular nature I am still up watching her attack anything she deems interesting while I try to blog about my day.  Honestly, I am already very sleepy.  I can feel some sand inside my eyes.  I should go to bed soon.  I am tired.  Well, I am always tired.  I am tired everyday.  I have been going to school at almost seven o’clock instead of going at six-ish.  I just can’t get myself to get up early anymore.  Zia has disrupted my sleeping pattern.  I just hope that she settles down soon so I can go back to my normal routine.  

These past few days have been crazier than I expected.  I don’t want to enumerate all the things that I should do because I know that if I start listing them it would just go on and on and on and would just stress more.  I guess what I should just do is that put on a big, happy smile on my face and do everything on time.  It’s all about time management, Shiela! Yes, time management that I have been staying until half past five at school.  I am always the last person to go home from the fifth floor! Ha! There were even occasions that I’d sing my fear away! 

Well, tomorrow is Friday! It’s my time to play.:-) I am not very sporty.:-) I love sports but it seems that the feeling isn’t mutual. 😦 But I’m just going to try to force myself on it just like Goo Jae Hee with Kang Tae Joon in the new Korean TV series called “To You the Beautiful”. My track suits have arrived from Korea.  I am happy I don’t have to wear my tight shorts anymore. Hahaha! I think I have to get a new pair of jersey shorts so I can play comfortably.  Tomorrow is going to be the first House Color Day and I hope that everything will work perfectly as planned.  I am going to be a judge for the Spelling Bee on the chapel period so I cannot cheer the REDs but I can in the afternoon affairs. Go, REDs!

Anyway, I am off to bed.  Zia has calmed down. She just came to my lap wanting some cuddle time.  Probably, she is already sleepy too.  Good night and God bless, pipz!



P.S. I glared at Zia when she was wildly playing on my bed and it scared her! I asked my sister if my big eyes looked scary and she said, “like you even have to ask”. LOL


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