Field Trip in Ayuttaya with the Elevens

Field Trip?


Out-of-school learning by Lauren Resnick is one of my favorite educational techniques.  I think students should be given to spend time outside the classroom like exploring nature, museums, cities, TV and radio broadcasting networks, printing presses, etc.   It’s very important that they’d be able to experience what they have learned inside the classrooms.  So, today RAIS high school students went on a field trip to Ayuttaya which is deemed to be the history capital of Thailand. I, personally, was excited for it that I brought so much food with me.  However, I didn’t get the chance to finish them all as we came back to school earlier than expected.  I wish we were able to see more places.:-(

After the field trip, I directly went home and looked for some cello pieces.  I am scheduled to play tomorrow with some instrumentalists.  I haven’t practiced. We haven’t practiced anything yet.  I hurriedly photocopied some music sheets for my friends and hoped that we could practice early tomorrow morning.  I am planning to be at church by 8a.m.  I was able to practice in my classroom at around 3p.m. but it was short because I had to go out with Ms. Edith and Ms. Jing.

The three of us went to The Mall where we took pictures at the festival area of the said department store. These couple of weeks the store is featuring the country of Japan. They have some products displayed.  I liked the decorations.  The whole Japan presentation reminded me of the International Day.:-) Sigh. I really want to go to Japan.  It’s still a dream country for me to visit or work!

After eating, talking, and shopping for The Hunger Games book 1 we finally went home.  I think we parted at 9p.m.  Pretty late, huh?

Well, Zia is on my lap again–sleeping.  I better get going.  God bless and Happy Sabbath to you all!


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