Super Productive Sunday

At around 5am today I was already awake however I decided to go back to sleep since it’s a weekend.  But you know how it is when you’re used to waking up at the same time each day that no matter how you try to sleep it just won’t work.  Even before the clock hit 7a.m. I was already up.  I had my personal devotion then  went online to check my emails and all.  Then after that I had my morning exercise.^^; For the first time in a couple of months I actually danced Waka-waka and danced “Zumba”.  It was fun! I remembered how uncoordinated my legs are. LOL. But I am pretty sure that I burnt some calories somehow because I just sweat and sweat even after the dance.  It was good! Then I had breakfast–healthy breakfast, I must add.:-) Then I played violin.  I played for about thirty minutes.  I think I have to do this more often.  I played Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Moon River, and Edelweiss.  Yes, only four songs but I was pleased with it.  Mastery is very important, you know.:-) When I was about to shower, my sister searched for a Filipino TV show called “Maalaala Mo Kaya” featuring a primary school teacher teaching a tribe on a mountain in the Philippines.  It was very inspiring. I salute teachers who are willing to go to the mountains to reach people who are not able to go down to the cities to study.  God bless them more!

From 11am-3pm, my sister, Ate Delle, and I went somewhere to do my little project for the weekend.  I am very pleased with the outcome.  I am so excited to see it again and add some things more to make “it” more beautiful.

At few minutes after 3pm, I found myself sitting on my favorite spot at MK with my two fairy godmothers (Portia and Ate Delle).  I treated them for lunch–haha, late lunch.  We were supposed to go to Bangkapi wet market after eating but I invited to go to The Mall first.  I wanted to buy more notepads from 555+. I already fell in love with 555+ since the first or second time I visited Thailand.  Probably that was around 2007 or 2009.  They have a lot of cute papers, notepads, stationaries, etc. for sale.:D But before going up to the third floor, we lost our way and ended up going to the Shoes and Bags section of The Mall.  Hahaha! I ended getting another pair of shoes.  That’s probably my fourth pair of shoes acquired this month! Who said I love shoes? Na-ah.  I don’t.  I need shoes. 🙂

Finally, after The Mall we were able to buy some fruits and vegetables! Yehey! I am planning to eat nothing but fruits, rice, vegetables, oatmeal with soy milk, and few slices of wheat bread with a little choco spread or cheese.  I already had ice cream today so in November again. 🙂 I have to be more careful with my food intake now as I have already gained I think about 4-5 kgs since April.  That is fast! I have to exercise regularly, too.

Anyway, I am tired.  I guess my late dinner has already set in and now I am ready to shower.  Tomorrow is going to be a special day especially for my Journalism 11C class.  So, friends, lovers, colleagues, students, and of course, my dear family members, I will talk to you later. God bless and good night Asia!^^;


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