Chulalongkorn Day

It’s Chulalongkorn Day here in Thailand. I’ve been anticipating for this day to come and it did! I honestly wish that work is only four days and weekend is three days. 🙂 Won’t it be fun if the weekend actually starts on Thursday night and ends on Sunday night? 😀

Anyway, last night I thought of doing these and those today however I only ended up doing this and that.^^;

Minutes before 7am I was already up.  As usual, I had my morning prayers and devotion right away.  Then washed my clothes.  I didn’t realize I’ve already piled up so many dirty clothes and most of them are dark colored. I washed each of them using my bare hands.


After doing the laundry, I cleaned my closet and arranged my clothes which took me eternity to finish.  Sigh. Seriously, I don’t like folding clothes.  One of the major qualifications I am looking for my future husband is: able to fold clothes without complaints. 🙂 I can wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, etc. but not fold clothes.  It’s not fun.  It makes me sleepy.


Today was a good day. Thank you, Lord.  Friends hung out with me though I was busy with my clothes.  We ate, talked, slept, laughed, and watched a couple of movies/shows together.  We enjoyed Just for Laughs Gag so much!

Since the net was down from 2-9p.m., I couldn’t watch anything online.  So after doing the chores my friend and I sat by my porch and enjoyed the evening view of the city.  It was mesmerizing.  Our thoughts drifted to WanderWonderLand. We may have plans for the future but we have to be submissive to the will of God.  So my prayer tonight is: Lead me, Lord. Amen.

Well, I am off to bed.  I am very sleepy.  My phone is dead so is my charger.  I don’t know how I’m going to wake up early tomorrow without an alarm clock.  I hope God wakes me as early as 5am because I have to be at work really early.

Good night and God bless, children of God! Lots of love and blessings your way! x


P.S. I actually signed in on Skype hoping I could find someone who’d be up or still up at 5am my time so he/she can call me but to no avail.:-(


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