In His Time

I am giving this “waiting/searching” a rest.  No more “open to possibilities” thoughts about this and that.  I am just going to give this up to my God.  He knows best.  He’s got His timetable and I am just going to be very obedient this time to His will.  I know I’m not the best follower in the world but when it comes to God, I am all in.  I am not going to let my friends influence me in keeping someone in my life or finding someone.  No! I am done! It doesn’t mean that because I chose to reject those proposals from people that I will just sulk and wish that I considered. No! There were reasons why those people didn’t make it to my heart.  Besides, what’s wrong with “waiting” for the “one”. There might be no such thing as that but I’d like to believe that there is.  If one day, someone comes up to me with that particular trait I am looking for in a guy then I won’t say “no”.  What I am looking for is not looks, wealth, or built.  It’s beyond that.  I am on a journey here.  I am not going to be here on earth forever.  “This is not my home.  I am just passing through. My home is somewhere beyond the blue.” That’s coming from one of the church hymns.  I am not after wealth or fame.  I am after the crown.  I want to have stars in my crown.  Take note, it’s in plural form.  Even when I was a little girl, I already dedicated and committed my life to the ministry.  I want to be the one sharing the gospel to the people, reaching out to those who are in the darkness. I cannot imagine any other life than that.  I live for Him and because of Him.

So, to my dear friends out there, please stop worrying about me.  I am not even worried myself.  Why will I worry when my Father owns this vast universe?

Good night and God bless!


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