Pizza Night

Afraid to cross the busy street without the pedestrian lane, I opted to climb the footbridge letting my two other friends go to the other side of the road on their own. I walked happily.  However, as I was approaching the said footbridge a puzzled-looking dark man wearing a red shirt stepped off the last stair of the bridge and scanned me from head to toe.  My heart began to pound as though I was in a race.  For a moment I was confused.  I didn’t know what to do.  I walked passed the bridge wandering in the untraversed road pretending to wait for someone or something to pass by while trying to find out the exact location of that man.  However, instead of walking straight to where he was destined to go, he stopped, and watched me intently.  My heart kept pounding fast. Fortunately, a cab was parked close to where I was standing so I mustered all my courage and inquired if I could take a ride to “Roi Sip Jet”.  The cab driver wondering which street I was referring to did not hesitate to let me in.  I quickly hopped in and hoped that the cab will drive away as fast as he could.  I prayed for God’s deliverance and thankfully in no time I was already home.  Praise the Lord!


This evening, my friends and I decided to eat pizza together. I had vegetarian pizza with another friend while the two other had pepperoni pizza.  We had fun talking and teasing one another.  After three to four hours of enjoying a relaxed time we had to bid each other good night as we still have work tomorrow.  It’s not weekend yet. 🙂 Anyway, I guess my Korean green tea is ready.  Good night and God bless! Mwah!


Prayer: Dear God, thank you for another successful day at work today though there were very few students who came.  Thanks for the parents who came and visited the teachers.  Bless us as we await for the weekend.  Bless also the plans of the JCO.  Bless us all everyday.  Oh, and thank you for keeping me safe today especially tonight.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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