Merry Christmas Tuesday!

With my polka-dotted and fluffy dress, I basically spent my day at the library administering tests and guiding students in their novel analysis.  I was able to check back logs and I am happy that I finished checking all those papers.  I only have to find time to check online homework and tests.

Well, I was thinking of doing something productive afterwork, however I ended up eating out with my chums from work.  It was good time spent at a fast food resto.:D It’s nice to have some kind of an outlet after a day’s work.

I had special PTC today.  I felt bad I couldn’t speak Korean anymore.  Ughhh, wae nanun hanggeukmal mulayeo? 😦 I need a refresher’s course before I completely lose this language I dearly love. Will somebody help me, please?

I was supposed to do my laundry tonight but I ended up sitting in front of this computer watching vids and recording scripts for my classes’ CW performances on December 9th.  I think I got what I need.  God be praised!

Off to Dreamland now. Ciao! God bless!


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