Wednesday with Chums

I praise God for another wonderful day He’s given me.  I was able to survive the pressures of the day.  I am so grateful that everything is falling into place as planned as far as work is concerned.  As for my private life, I’ve been spending most of my evenings with my chums thus neglecting my household duties like laundry and laundry. 🙂 I’ve piled up so many dirty clothes that I need to sit and do it before the weekend.  😦

Well, I am really tired.  My feet are sore from too much walking at school.  Going up and down the stairs from the first to the fifth floor for n times a day is no longer fun.  Sooner or later, my feet are going to give up on me.  I wish I could wear sneakers to work!

Anyway, my eyes are drooping.  I better go to bed before my stomach growls because I “only” had traditional Japanese noodles for dinner and TWIX for dessert.  It’s my first attempt to eat that kind of chocolate here in Thailand.  It used to be my fave chocolate in Korea actually.  I still think Korean TWIX tastes better.  Probably because of the sentimental value attached to it.  (**Wink**)

God bless and good night!


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