Feeling Accomplished

Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 7:36pm

This weekend I just decided to stay home. I have nothing planned except for the Sabbath routine which is go to school for the English worship with the students at 9 then attend the Divine Worship at the big church nearby. I was surprised to see Grace spending her weekend here. She’s supposed to be at Sahmyook University Church but she was here! I was glad. During lunch I learned that it was her dad’s birthday that’s why she was home. I didn’t want to go back to my place like I always do after lunch. I wanted to hang around with Grace for endless chitchats. I don’t know what happened that when we back into the church, I just found myself practicing the “Hallelujah” song with the church choir and the funny thing was aside that it was a Korean song, I was grouped with the soprano. Thus, I tried all my very best to be able to sing with them. Gosh! There were even moments that no voice would come out because the note was too high for me. It was embarrassing especially that I was seated in between two power sopranos-Grace and Teacher Glori. Haaayyy..Nevertheless, no matter how challenging it was for me, I am still thankful that the church choir members welcomed me. It was fun singing with them. It gave me a chance to learn to read Korean, needless to say that the lyrics was composed of Hal-le-lu-jah repetitively.^^After the practice, I got a phone call from my favorite school principal–Mrs Nam. She’s inviting me over for the winter holidays. She said we’ll go skiing and she’ll prepare kimchi for me. I can’t wait for the classes to end. I’m so excited for the three-straight weeks off. However, I’m a bit sad because Teacher Glori will be leaving soon., will definitely miss her! I’m not sure if I will be still be able to see here on earth when she leaves. We are all mobile people. We are dreamers and we do reach for them. She will go to pursue her goals and I definitely won’t be here in Korea forever. Anyways, before I go gaga missing her when she’s still here, I better use this remaining time in chatting stuff with her and learning violin with her. Gosh, I should have been diligent in learning the instrument with her when she was still at school. Now, I don’t get to see her often. But it’s okay, at least my current violin lessons I have with her are really worth it. I am so honoured to be her student.


Well, where was I about my weekend? Oh, after the phone call, I joined the youth worship. Then we went to one of the youth’s house to eat Korean traditional pizza. It was easy to cook-just mix kimchi, flour, a little salt and onion leaves altogether, fry and you’re good to go. Easy-wizzy.

Then after that I visited the apartment I used to live at here in Gwangcheon. Actually, it was the first apartment I lived at. It’s called Dadum Villa. I and Dora were just outside. I was walking to and fro staring at the building–reminiscing at the same time, when all of a sudden the deacon leaving there went out and invited us in. We had nuts and different stuff.

Rey and our other friends were all waiting for us at Shinchon Villa, so we went straight there and had our 3rd batch of dinner. It was a lovely gathering. Chit, chit, chit, chat, chat, chat. Endless.^^

When I got home, I immediately started to put my stuff around. In short, I tried to clean but got busy watching tv shows/movies instead. I slept at about 3 am and woke up past 10. Haha. Lazy, right?

Then I continued cleaning today. At 2pm, I went for a violin lesson–I learned loads. I must practice everyday. Then went for a pepero shopping as it will be Pepero Day on Wednesday this week. Then went for a swimming in Sporex.

Gosh! I am sooo happy of how my weekend turned out to be. I am looking forward to another great weekend. I am sleepy now but got to do something.


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