Happy, Happy Sabbath

Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 10:23pm 

Today, I was the speaker in our children’s worship. Since the scheduled activity for today was “Angels Watch Over Me” I opted to give them the story about Abram and the angels in disguise. It was fun. I used puppets and stuff. Then we made some toy airplanes afterwards. It was more interesting because the instructions were in Korean. Good thing the instructions came with pictures. Hehe. Bongga di ba? After the English worship, I and Dora headed to the big church for the Divine Worship. We were a little late because we had to clean up everything before leaving school. When we got there, the church was already singing the Opening Song. I hurriedly went to the spot where I always sit. There were lots of violinists today. Nobody played cello. I brought my violin. I should have brought my cello instead. Gggrrr. I missed playing it. Anyways, I was glad because we played my favorite, “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross” for the collection of tithes and offerings.^^We had a hearty lunch at the church cafeteria. Gosh! I soooo loved the vege spaghetti and the rice cakes.


At 1:30 we had a choir practice. The lyrics of the song go like this “A-lle-lu-a-a-lle-lu-jah”. It was just repetition of those syllables and a little of “Chang-yang-ha-sae and chang-yang-ha-ra”. The song is about praising God. I like it. However, most of the notes were high. Kakapagod huminga. LOL.

After the practice, I and Dora visited Dindin and Eunice at their flat in Shinchon Villa. There I had the chance to learn how to play “Draw Me Close to You” on my guitar. Gosh! It was quite challenging. Kakaloka magstrum! By God’s help, I was able to learn it. I got to practice everyday so that next week I’ll be ready for a new song, right Din? Yes, Din is my guitar teacher. Bongga di ba? Andami ko namang teacher…violin, cello, guitar and Hangeul. I used to have crochet teacher–Teacher Sandra. So ayon we had dinner afterwards then at 8:45pm, I and Dora started marching home against the drizzly, windy night.

Oh! I forgot to mention, Rey joined us later this afternoon. Sympre di nawala si chikahan after our evening worship.^^SSQ LESSON SUMMARY: The priests and Levites were God’s appointed servants. Lessons can be derived from their roles and services in the sanctuary. Like them, we should be interdependent on one another as a church.

ANOTHER LESSON LEARNED WITH MY PALS TONIGHT: Be professional! If you like someone, be professional. LOL




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