Lee Jae Won

Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 9:04pm

After our two-hour afternoon worship and activity with the children at Seocheon Children Center, I and my mates decided to go to Gunsan. We went there yesterday but we didn’t have enough time. Jae Won wanted to come with us. He finished his math homework first then we left. Irony of all ironies, a ten year old boy led our way to Gunsan. We didn’t where the bus stop was. He had to call his friends and asked directions. After twenty minutes walk, we finally arrived at the bus stop. I bought the tickets for the four of us. It was only 4:05pm and the bus we’ll leave at 4:20. So we still had 15 minutes left to wait. I asked him to sit with me on a bench as we wait. But he said no because he wanted to get some snacks from Family Mart. I wanted to accompany him to the mart but I was feeling tired from the long walk. Instead my gaze accompanied him. The mart was like 4 or 5 yards away–not far. The bus for Gunsan arrived and Jae Won wasn’t back yet. Few minutes passed and I saw his reflection walking close to the counter of the mart. But he did not come out yet. I started to feel anxious. “What could possibly be taking him so long?” I thought to myself. Finally, he emerged out slowly from that busy mart with some stuff. When I looked closer, I realized he was carrying four cups of hot chocolate. Waaaaa…I was touched! I ran directly towards him and helped him carry those hot cups. What an angel! I felt so proud of him. I’m just his teacher. What if his parents will know what he did? They’d be very proud! I was really, really proud of him. His parents had done and is doing an amazing job on him and his sister.

I told the story to his family and the people at the youth center.  Everybody was proud of him! Who wouldn’t be? 😀

May God bless Lee Jae Won and his family!



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