Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 11:13am ·

my legs hurt from the walk yesterday..it’s been ages since i last went out for a walk for exercise’s sake:-)

my head is spinning round and round from not getting enough sleep last night and from over thinking things..

why do i always over think?
why can’t i just do something because i want to and not because of other million reasons?
why can’t i just let things fall into its places?
why is there always an inkling to know more than what’s in front of me?
besides, is there a way to know things in the future? none, right?
duh, i’m tired of this…
there’s always the nasty “what if’s” and the rest of the Ws..
i soo wanna get over this and start thinking and acting normally..
is there a cure for this?

is there still a chance left for me?


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