Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 3:22pm

So I had 7 straight back to back classes today. It meant I had classes which lasted for an hour and 20 minutes with the same students. I had students from Grades 1-5 today. I love the school. I love the students. I love my job. But I don’t love my schedule. It’s just terrible. I had classes from all floors–1st-3rd- that my heels already hurt from walking up and down the stairs. My heels can’t carry me anymore. I can’t walk. I’m pinned into this chair until forever. Plus my monthly visitor arrived today. Gosh! I had to deal with my classes, students, conflicts in sked and test papers. All I want now is to go home, have a peaceful quiet evening, take a warm shower, and read a good book. 

That’s all.^^


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