A Very Long Day

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 12:03am

I had a pretty long day today. I went to bed at 3am because of some paper works from school yesterday. I woke up at 8 and was at work at 9. Today was Independence Day here in Korea therefore it was an official holiday. No work. However, I had to because I was tasked to do this and that. I had the whole office for myself. It was good. I liked the ambiance. I was able to concentrate and finish everything until 12. When I was about to leave, the Korean teachers started arriving one by one. Of course I had a little chitchat with them before hitting the door. When I got to the first floor I met our Vice Principal, he asked if I saw the new teacher, I said nope. He was concerned because if I leave then the new teacher comes, then who will introduce the work stuff to him? He wanted me to stay. I smiled. Unfortunately, (or luckily for him–the VP) my current immediate supervisor arrived. She begged me to stay I answered I couldn’t because I slept late because of the papers she asked me to do. She let me off the hook. I was relieved from duty.:D But after some few minutes, she said, “Why don’t you come back at 3pm then?” I was like “Huwwaaat? Am I hearing her clearly? Just let me go please” I wanted to say those words but I just kept them inside my little brain. Reality check: I worked on a Sunday afternoon + on a HOLIDAY morning. Not enough? But what could I do? I know I could say NO but I know it won’t make them or me happy so I said YES. 😀 I am always happy to oblige.^^

And so I came home, watched some parts of the 2010 Winter Olympics–to which I was impressed by John Furlong’s speech. Who is he? Google him mate.^^ I was entertained by famous Canadian personalities like Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Nickelback, Michael Buble, Catherine O’ Hara and etc. After watching I tried to doze off. At quarter to 3, I had a call from my fave colleague. I told her in a kidding way,”Teacher, you’re like my alarm clock.” She laughed. She picked me up at 3.15 at home with the new teacher and the VP and off we went to the school. There I helped our new teacher with his schedule and other stuff. The school was kind of enough to order in food for us. Yummy kimchitobap!

Few minutes after coming home, I hand washed some clothes, read Chasing Harry Winston, took a shower, and slept.

However, my some of my friends came. They were so considerate for not forcing me to get up from bed. I know I heard random knocks on my door but I stayed in bed after realizing that I left my door unlocked.  They let themselves in. 😀 I tried sleeping but you know what happens when friends come over.:D

A couple of hours passed…

At around 8 or 9p.m. a friend invite me for dinner so I got up from bed and went to her place. However, when I was about to eat, another friend came and asked if we could talk so I decided to go out and talk.  After a while I decided to go back to sleep. I tried but I couldn’t. So I went out of my room again and had dinner with a friend living next door.

Now, I’m at my den and it’s exactly 12:00AM. I need to go back to sleep because tomorrow will be a big day. Tomorrow, is the first official day of our first semester. KIDS AND PARENTS WILL BE EVERYWHERE! Gotta brace myself.

POSTSCRIPT: I bet YOU won’t be reading this but in case, in case you will–I want you to know that asking me more to describe how I missed you wasn’t an excellent idea. Do bear that in mind please. Now, I’m going to bed not quite pleased with it but I hope to get over it soon.



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