A Walk for His Majesty the King of Thailand

Despite of the entertaining dream and heavy body, I woke up at the sound of my alarm at 4:05 today. “I signed up for this so I should be a man and start being a doer and not only a thinker,” I reminded myself. The call time was 4:30am at school. I hurriedly made phone calls for my friends to get up and be ready however “as fate has it” they didn’t come. I was actually disappointed but what do I do? I can’t let them ruin my plans so I just went by myself. Thankfully, God prepared someone I could walk with to school.:)

The entire walk for HM was exceptional. I got the privilege of experiencing something very special with the Thais in celebration to HM’s coming birthday on Wednesday. It was so fun and exciting that despite my terrible stomachache I was able to survive the walk. I wonder how it’ll be when we all walk on the streets of gold for and with Jesus. Sigh. It’s definitely something I cannot miss! I am sooooo looking forward to meeting my Lord, Savior, and King! I hope you are, too. God bless us all!


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