Random Thoughts

Keep a daily photojournal featuring things that capture your attention,” this is what I told my students on the first day of school this second quarter.  Faithfully, most of my students have been doing this.  I am really fascinated seeing and reading their posts.  One day, they can go back to their posts and reminisce.  I wish I was keeping a photojournal too. But I think this is only my second post here this year. Ughhh, what have I been doing? Oh wait, now I remember.  I was too busy entertaining a friend from Korea and meeting old chums on the first week, got sick on the second week, still sick on the third week, and recovering now on the fourth week. I don’t want get sick anymore.  It is way too tiring.  I don’t want to be scared of anything.  I have to be more optimistic and less imaginative.  I get affected too easily with books I read and movies I watch. I can’t get too personal.  It’s not good for my health.  

Anyway, this week I was able to fully clean my house, fold all the clothes that I washed last week, organized my books, lent books to my students for book review, and today we are decorating my classroom’s bulletin board.  It’s the third quarter and we have to update our bulletin boards with our students’ works.  

I stopped thinking about my travel plans for this year.  I haven’t renewed my passport yet.  I am doing it on the first week of Feb which means I will get a new one after a month.  By then I can start planning for my summer vacation.  As for my long weekends this coming Feb, I will probably go somewhere beautiful here in Thailand.  Honestly, I have traveled around Vietnam in two weeks more than Thailand in 18 months.  I feel so bad.  Hahaha.  I should have seen more of Thailand’s beaches and mountains but I have not.  😦 I have been working so hard at school and church.  I know it’s not an excuse but on long holidays I go outside the country. Hehehe.

Well, I don’t know what lies ahead.  I have laid my future in God’s hands.  He knows best.  I know I always say this but this time it’s for real.  Since my hyperventilation on January 8th, I have learned to fully entrust my life to God.  Now, I am trying to be like prophet Samuel, “Speak Lord for I’m going to listen“.

This year I plan to:

1. read more books

2. watch less TV series (most of my fave series have been cancelled anyway…I don’t like it but what do I do? Oh, I hate to see Emily Owens M.D. go.:-( )

3. go to church an hour early

4. keep my house spick and span every single day (even if it’s a holiday)

5. spend more time with my God in meditation and prayer

6. communicate more with  my family and friends (we need to keep healthy relationships with people who care about us)

7. play cello/violin everyday

8. exercise at least 30 minutes daily

9. continue with my lacto-ovo vegetarian diet

10. take and post more photos (celebrate life!)

I got to go.  It was nice visiting you, WP, again. God bless and tata for now! x



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