Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

“I love you. I will take care of you.  I promise to be there for you as long as I live.”  

“Hey Ashley, wait up!” called an unfamiliar voice.  Ashley looked around and saw Christian who was looking a bit shy for calling her.  “Yes? Anything I can help you with?” Ashley replied while walking fast not minding that someone was trying to walk with her.  “Well, I just want to keep you company” Christian smiled confidently. “Hmmm, that’s so nice of you but no thanks. I know my way home” Ashley shot back.  Christian ignored Ashley’s reply.  Instead he just followed her until she reached her dorm. Then he left telling her that he’ll see her around.

Days passed and Christian continued to show up wherever Ashley was.  He’d bring her snacks, lunch, flowers, notes, and gifts.  Ashley kept ignoring him because she was focused with her academics and extra-curricular activities.  There was no room for a man in that particular time of her life.  She couldn’t be distracted especially that she’s taking 24 units that semester, she was the editor in chief of the school paper, and she held various offices in various clubs and departments in both school and church organizations. Most of her days were spent studying, attending minutes, and preparing programs for different occasions.  She even neglected eating and sleeping on time.  

However, Christian persisted.  He’d come up with interesting tactics to keep Ashley entertained while she was working on a project or something but most of the time he’d come up with brilliant ideas to distract her and take her to places and do things with her friends.  Ashley couldn’t say no when friends invited her for potlucks or games.  She believed that people need friends as they grow up.  She tried her best to keep a healthy relationship with her family, friends, teachers, and classmates.  

So, one Sabbath day, Christian prepared a special meal for Ashley and her friends.  He invited everyone that mattered to her to dine with them.  He knew that Ashley will never agree on eating with him alone.  Therefore he had to prepare a feast for everyone. He did not forget to cook her favorite dish, marinated chicken.  Ashley had a huge appetite.  She could eat  3 plates full of rice and viand not mentioning the dessert.  She was tall and slender.  She wouldn’t put on weight even if she ate a lot.  Ashley’s love for food is one of the many things that he liked about her.  Yes, she was bit tempered especially when it came to him but he didn’t mind it because he knew that she was nice to her family and friends.  He noticed the way she treats her family whenever they’d come to visit her.  He saw how she mingle with her friends.  He never heard anything negative about her except that she’s a strong-willed and can be stubborn at times that some of the men at school were afraid to approach her.  He had to try his luck.  He’s got plenty of practice with girls back he was in high school.  “I just have to try my best,” Christian told his friends while sitting under a pili (canarium ovatum) tree watching Ashley laugh with her friends on the way to the cafeteria.  That’s when the thought of preparing a feast for Ashley and her friends was conceived.

Ashley started to be confused about Christian’s behavior.  He acted so cool and confident whenever he’s around her.  He never said anything that he liked him.  He was just always there.  She couldn’t shoo him away anymore because she already started liking the idea of him being there all the time.  There were even occasions that he’d wonder when he’s going to show up again.  So, when Christian showed up that particular Sabbath lunch, her heart beat fast and a smiled curved in her face.  Christian was quick to notice that.  

For four years they dated and one sunny day when the rest of the world was looking happy, Christian held Ashley’s hands, brought them to his heart and said, “I love you. I will take care of you.  I want to build a home with you…”


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