Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find.  What were you doing that year?

Haha! Very convenient! I happen to carry my pink purse which has nothing but Thai baht and Vietnamese dong.  I can’t read Thai so I asked one of my students to help me out in finding the date and he said it’s 2012.  I was actually surprised.  But what can I do? I cannot argue with someone who’s native language is Thai, can I? 🙂


So, 2012, what was I doing that year? Let me give you the highlights, okay? 😀

JANUARY- I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

FEBRUARY– I went out on three dates during the Valentines Week.  Someone proposed but I turned him down because I am not a fan of “marry now court later”.  I was chosen to be the emcee of our church banquet held in Pattaya.

MARCH- I worked.

APRIL– Songkran Holiday. I cut my hair short.  Phenomenal haircut! Hahaha. People were surprised to see me with that hairstyle.

MAY – I worked. I attended the school’s HS graduation and it was very sad to see my students go yet at the same time happy knowing that God will continue to guide them in all their endeavors.

JUNE – JULY  Instead of going for a vacation, I chose to work and ended up teaching Nursery students. Fun!

JULY- My little sissy arrived fresh from the Philippines. I was so happy to pick him up with someone I used to like. 😀

AUGUST-Back to work. My brother celebrated his 27th birthday.

SEPTEMBER-I celebrated my 28th birthday with my students and friends.  Enjoyed it! Sissy was here to celebrate it with me.

OCTOBER-Uhmm, worked? 😀

NOVEMBER-Worked again? I can’t remember anything special except that my mom and uncle celebrated their birthdays.

DECEMBER-Well, I think you already know but for those who don’t…I went backpacking in Vietnam for 15 days.  What a wonderful experience!



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